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1825 Founding of the Business

Company founder Heinrich Coppenrath (the first) started the country bakery Coppenrath in Geeste / Groß Hesepe in Emsland.

The Country Bakery Coppenrath
The Country Bakery Coppenrath

1890 Expansion of product line

The son, Heinrich (the second), expanded the bakery assortment by creating the legendary Coppenrath Honey Cake. Moreover, Heinrich (the third) started the production of zwieback. At the time, horse-drawn carriages supplied the nearby food stores.

Original tin for Coppenrath Zwieback
Original tin for Coppenrath Zwieback

1924 Intensification of business

Aloys Coppenrath (fourth generation) intensified the production of bread, zwieback and honey cake. The arrival of the first motorized trucks led to an expansion of the delivery radius, the production program now included sweets.

Delivery order from 1929
Delivery order from 1929

1942 Änne Coppenrath

Aloys Coppenrath had a tragic accident. His wife, Änne Coppenrath, continued to manage the firm through the difficult years of war.

Änne Coppenrath
Änne Coppenrath

1948 Franz Coppenrath

Due to the early death of his father, Franz Coppenrath (fifth generation) took over the parental business at the age of 19. Step by step the factory and oven facilities were modernized and expanded.

Franz Coppenrath
Franz Coppenrath

1962 Business realignment

Franz Coppenrath and his wife Ursula decided to leave behind the country bakehouse and take the next step toward a modern large-scale bakery. Taking high entrepreneurial risks, they constructed a new modern factory building. The wholesale supply was extended to the entire German market.

Franz and Ursula Coppenrath
Franz and Ursula Coppenrath

1968 Distribution of sweets

Franz Coppenrath realized that there was a regional demand for wholesale sweets: The "sweets retailer Ems-Vechte” took up his commission. The first assortment consisted of 250 items. After the death of Franz Coppenrath his wife Ursula took over management of the firm, which today supplies all of Germany under the name “Naschwelt” (German: Nibble World).

1970 Export

Expansion of distribution activities abroad. Austria became the first important export market.

International Sweets Trade Fair 1971 (German: ISM)

1978 The great fire

On August 27, 1978 the entire fabrication facility of Coppenrath burned out. Within only two hours, flames consumed the entire production facility, including raw materials and the supply storage. Due to the dedicated effort of the employees, a new factory building was raised in the record time of only two months.

The great fire of 1978  destroyed the entire  fabrication facility.
The great fire of 1978 destroyed the entire
fabrication facility.

1994 Knusperlädchen

Franz and Ursula Coppenrath opened up the Scrumptious Store "Knusperlädchen". Over the years Ursula Coppenrath, through her wholehearted commitment, expanded it into a flourishing factory outlet and café, giving it her own personal touch. In 2010, Ursula Coppenrath handed the Scrumptious Store over to her daughter Petra Coppenrath.

A peak into the  Scrumptius Store
A peak into the Scrumptius Store

1997 Company succession

Franz Coppenrath died at the age of only 68 after a serious illness.
Andreas Coppenrath (sixth generation) took management over from him.

Sixth Generation: Andreas Coppenrath
Sixth Generation: Andreas Coppenrath

1998 Expansion of export activities

Under the leadership of Andreas Coppenrath the company successfully expanded its market position domestically as well as abroad. Coppenrath supplied fine pastries to over 50 countries worldwide.

Made in Germany
The export business continually became more important.

2003 Logo revision

The company Coppenrath presented itself with a distinctly revised company logo and new packaging that combined a traditional and modern look in a stylish manner.

Logo revision
Above the old, below the updated Coppenrath logo.

2004 First IFS certification

The Main Association of the German Retail Industry initiated this food -, quality - and safety standard. In 2004 Coppenrath, for the first time, submitted itself to be certified according to this standard.

IFS logo
IFS logo (International Food Standard)

2006 DLG: Price of the Best in Gold

Since then the quality standards that were, for the first time, certified in 2004 have been annually confirmed since then. Additionally, the company was awarded the “Price of the Best in Gold" (German: Preis der Besten in Gold). By awarding this prize, the DLG distinguishes companies that have earned the highest DLG distinctions by continuously proving their above-average quality for over 15 years.

Presentation of the honor
Presentation of the honor

2008 Opening Schulbäckerei

Opening of the training bakery named "Schulbäckerei" in Groß Hesepe. At the restored training bakery, the fabrication of continuously prepared baking goods in particular is explained to visitors who are interested in the baking trade. Additionally, it offers students an interesting opportunity for professional orientation.


2009 Packaging relaunch

Coppenrath redesigned the entire assortment in a completely new way. The noble and light design is characterized by a distinctively colorful or golden bow and, already at a first glance, shows the high quality standard of the Coppenrath products.

Design relaunch
Comparison of the old and new packaging
design, using the example of house pastries.

2010 Practical “Reseal it label”

As a further improvement a practical resealable lid was added to the house pastries packages, a so-called “Reseal it label”. This label enables the effortless opening of the foil on the upper side of the packaging along a prepunched contour and the subsequent airtight resealing. With this closing mechanism, Coppenrath met the often-stated demand of single - and small households for an easy-to-open and adequate unit.

“Reseal it label”
The innovative resealable lid keeps the pastries crisp after the package has been opened.

2011 Paper cases

In terms of sustainability, the plastic blister is simultaneously replaced by an environmentally friendly paper case.

Paper case
Paper case - for the environment

2014 Dedication new building

Within one year we built a second office building and a hall to extend our production. The hall includes 2.000 square meters and is used to expand the areas of storage and packaging. The subject of energy efficiency was especially emphasized in the construction of both buildings.

New Office
New Office

2012 Sustainable palm oil

Since 2012 Coppenrath is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil). The association is composed of different organizations (producers, traders, NGOs, etc.) and is committed to promote a sustainable production of palm oil and its use.

2015 Local Enterprise Award

The "Witschaftsverband Emsland e.V" awarded the family run company in the category "Social Commitment". Our employees deserve the highest appreciation, they are to the fore of all business activities. In addition to that, Andreas Coppenrath cares of a number of social projects in the community and more than regional.

Enterprise Award
The Mayor Helmut Höke (r.) congratulates
Andreas Coppenrath (l.) on the award.

2016 Quality brand Coppenrath

Coppenrath belongs with outstanding achievement to the three best quality brands in Germany. This is the result of a representative survey, regarding the view of consumers on the quality of german brands by the company "DEUTSCHLAND TEST".

We became from the country bakehouse to a modern bakery, which exports international. We are proud to get this positive feedback to our work. In the end, it is the quality that decides for the customer to come back and not the product!

Over 900 manufacturer brands, trademarks and umbrella brands in more than 100 product groups were examined in the study.