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Guiding principle

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Guiding principle for Coppenrath Fine Pastries Ltd. (German: Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH)

Since 1825, the firm Coppenrath has been in family hands as an independent company. The company  creates seasonal and year-round pastries that are subject to high quality - and taste requirements.

Coppenrath is a traditional company - with a high degree of flexibility and firmly adhering to the company philosophy:

“Honor the past, go for the future"

The corporation has earned a good name for itself in the market. Besides supplying German commercial customers, about 60 other countries receive our products. The standards for all entrepreneurial trading are:

- satisfaction of all employees,
- meeting the wishes and needs of the consumers and customers,
- delivering first-rate product quality.

Our employees play an essential role in the success of our business. The following principles should, therefore, be a guideline for all employees so we can secure our future success together.

The success of our customers - our success

The wishes of customers and the needs of consumers are important to us. The success of our company depends upon meeting these demands. For this reason we believe good consultation and perfect service is important. Only personal contact with our customers helps us recognize their wishes and lets us establish a relationship that is based on a partnership and founded on mutual trust and honesty. Our demeanor should be pleasant and friendly. Everyone dealing with our company should sense the positive spirit within our company.

First-rate quality - securing the future

First-rate quality of our products is one of the decisive factors for our company’s success and secures our competitiveness for the future. Therefore, quality in all areas is a requirement since quality in our work ensures quality in our products.
Quality means much more than meeting existing demands; it means an alert and conscious state of mind during work and improving one’s own performance. The person who works well will also be satisfied with his or her performance.

Employees - our most valuable capital

Our employees deserve the highest appreciation. Our company expects and promotes peak performances from our staff. This requires a willingness to perform, taking joy in active and thoughtful participation and in making decisions. Every decision process must be open for better arguments. Good cooperation, personal contact and team spirit are vital for the fulfillment of our tasks. Our dealing with each other is open, direct and familiar. Our thoughts and actions are characterized by our effort to be honest and truthful.
Good work and performance depend on the reciprocal flow of information. Only an informed employee sees the full picture and is able to make right decisions.

Leadership – motivation, key to success

The people in leadership have a special responsibility. People who lead others must already have learned to lead themselves. Clear goals for the company and for the employees are required to work successfully.

Leading means: being an example, kindling enthusiasm, taking an interest in the needs of employees, clearing a space for ideas and one’s own decisions but also being open for criticism.
Leading also incorporates: creating trust, promoting an identification with the work and developing a sense of self-worth in the employee. Accomplishments should be acknowledged, mistakes discussed as a group and not “dramatized”.

Environmental protection - a challenge for everyone

All of us in our company - whether we are managers or employees - carry responsibility for our environment. Everyone is called to align their knowledge and behavior accordingly. Feasible plans are implemented immediately, and the aspect of environmental protection has priority for long-term decisions. This requires future-oriented thinking.
We want to try everything in our power to create a clean and healthy work environment.

Willingness for change - securing the future

In order to secure our future and preserve our employment, we are willing to take new and courageous paths. Companies that do not react to changes in our society and in our markets will not endure. We do not wait for success, we search for it. Everyone must be willing to learn and change. Only the person who keeps a clear view of what is important and essential for the job, who keeps eyes and ears open for other employees and colleagues, will be successful and gain a sense of well-being.