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It all started with the honey cake

In the 30s and 40s of the 19th century, it was the number 1 fine pastry hit: Not only in his native Emsland did master baker Heinrich Coppenrath Jr. grab people’s attention by creating a honey cake, in many princely and kingly houses the royals were also licking their fingers.

And this was only the beginning. By prowess, diligence and an entrepreneurial spirit, the Coppenrath family continued to expand their product palette - and their market. The old-fashioned country bakehouse became a modern bakery. And the small enterprise turned into a flourishing business.

Today, Coppenrath is a quality brand in the fine pastry market. The sixth-generation family business, operated by Andreas Coppenrath, currently has a staff of 300 employees. And worldwide, the company delivers up to 120 tons of baking goods daily.

Coppenrath Unternehmensfilm