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Great benefit of a strong network:

BDSI - Association of the German Industry for Sweets, reg. assoc. (German: Bundesverband der Deutschen Süßwarenindustrie e.V)

The BDSI represents the economic interests of predominantly medium-sized companies of the German sweets industry. It is, at the same time, a trade - and employers’ association. The membership type is optional, either with or without a tariff commitment. The BDSI members represent about 90% of the value of sweets production in Germany.

The BDSI includes the following professional branches:
Chocolate goods, sugar goods, fine baking goods, nibble foods, chewing gum, brand name ice cream and raw pastes.


Sweet Global Networks, reg. assoc.

Sweet Global Networks, reg. assoc. (SG) as the international sweets trade association, is the information - and communication platform of the sweets industry.

The SG, founded in 1950 as a sweets wholesale association, has in the past decade faced the challenge of a continued increase in international trade relationships; it has also opened up the association to the regions beyond the borders of Germany.
Sweets Global Network records almost 250 membership companies from 8 countries.

The SG publishes a weekly newsletter and a monthly magazine, specific to the industry branch; additionally, it stages conferences and workshops for the entire industry sector.

ZDS - Central Professional School of the German Sweets Industry, reg. assoc. (German: Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e.V.)

The ZDS, founded in 1951, is the world’s most renown training and continued training institute for all sectors of the sweets industry.

In the ZDS, apprentices are trained in the professional fields of sweets - and food technology. Furthermore, the school offers preparatory courses for the industry's master certificate and professional training as a certified food technologist.
The ZDS is globally known for its seminars. Every year participants from over 30 countries attend symposiums and internships that deal with topics related to sweets fabrication.

The ZDS counsels firms from all over the world and conducts firm-specific trainings and test series for membership companies.

It wholeheartedly follows the motto: “Well trained personnel is the basis for all entrepreneurial success.” We have supported the Coppenrath Fine Pastries Ltd. (German: Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH) for more than 20 years and feel heartily devoted to Andreas Coppenrath, also on account of his dedicated effort as ZDS chairman.

German Sweets Export Promotion, reg. assoc. (German: German Sweets Süßwarenexportförderung e.V.)

German Sweets is the export association of the German sweets industry; as a dedicated partner it supports companies in all areas dealing with export and sales promotion in international markets.

There are about 100 medium-sized companies that, together with German Sweets, are trying to make international markets accessible by working with dedication and flexibility and by coming up with innovative product ideas.