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“Honor the past, go for the future”

The baking of fine pastry runs in the family of the Coppenraths. For already six generations we have devoted ourselves to the baking and confectionist trade, to the fabrication of the finest baking delicacies. In the course of nearly two centuries, we have not only acquired a certain measure of experience but also of responsibility.

Responsibility for the quality of our products, which are made by utilizing all of our expertise, good recipes and choice ingredients. Responsibility for the satisfaction of our trading partners and customers, who can rely on our technology and logistics. And responsibility for the well-being of our employees, who take on the daily task of making sure we measure up to our reputation.

Today, we are delivering our fine pastries worldwide. Yet, we never forget our roots. To be actively and wholeheartedly involved, to honor the old and, at the same time, dare to try the new - is our conviction and characterizes us as a family business; it sets us apart from many anonymous large-scale corporations. And I can give you my personal word of honor on this. 

Andreas Coppenrath