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News from the Family Bakery Coppenrath

New: Vegan pastry

As specialist with over 200 years of experience in the fine art of backery, we start to go an additional and trend-setting way with our new brand „Vegan Bakery“.

Little things in life are the greatest: Finest chocolate chips, gentle vanilla taste and refreshing coconut splinters – these are the three sorts of our crunchy vegan fine pastries and an enjoyment for everybody. How about a snack underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a long walk down the Golden Gate Bridge? Our “City Tour” biscuits are formed and designed like a stamp and get you to places all over the world. The backside is covered with 27% dark chocolate. At least you can choose between vanilla or caramel flavour.

With five vegan all-year biscuits and three vegan Spekulatius we further the future of baking without ingredients of animal origin - including a delicious taste.

Coppenrath Spekulatius in a new look!

Coppenrath Spekulatius in new look!
Coppenrath Spekulatius in new look!

Winterly, modern and emotional – the company Coppenrath Feingebäck presents its spekulatius-assortment for the season of 2015. Next to many product-novelties, also the design of the pastry was revised. However, the recognition value of the brand Coppenrath is still given due to the well known color codification.
From September 2015, the new products “Speku-Duett”, a spekulatius double cookie in three different flavors and the “Speku-Brezel”, a spekulatius-biscuit in the form of a pretzel, coated with chocolate and sugar crystals, will be available. Moreover we will further enlarge our assortment of gluten free und sugar free products.

Have a look at our offer! 

New: Flan Cases with paper trays!

New: Flan cases with paper trays!
Eco-friendly paper molds replace plastic molds.

An environmentally friendly production and processes are very important for the company Coppenrath Feingebäck. Therefore, another step towards sustainability was made: Coppenrath’s “flan cases” get more eco-friendly packages. From now, the plastic molds inside the packaging are replaced by paper trays. We are happy about this continuing action for environmental protection and hope, that we’ll find more ways, to contribute to more eco-friendly working environment.

Novelties on the ISM 2015

Novelties on the ISM
Coppenrath presents: Product novelties and a new stand on the ISM Cologne 2015

From 2-1-15 to 2-4-15, the ISM, the world’s biggest trade fair for sweets, took place. The Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH was also represented there with a new stand and invited the visitors, to explore the variegated Coppenrath-products. According to the company motto “Honor the old, dare to try the new”, the visitors were presented a brand new stand. Historical and modern pictures of the company history illustrated the family traditions. A big, central blackboard with short information of the company philosophy and the wide spread offer of allergen-friendly products, attracted the attention of the fair visitors. Moreover, the big spectrum of new products, which will enrich the assortment of Coppenrath, evoke extra interest. All in all, a great success!

Healthy Days at Coppenrath Feingebäck

Healthy days at Coppenrath
Healthy days at Coppenrath: Angelo Giannopoulos (Novitas BKK), Daniel Hager and Martin Basten (f. l.)

Health care is not only a private issue. Also, in the daily working life it’s getting more and more important. Therefore, the company Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH organized healthy days for their whole staff. By providing a „backbone check“, the corporation raises the staff’s awareness for the issue of health care.

In cooperation with the Novitas BKK (a health plan), thepersonnel was offered the possibility, to get a free backbone-check up. With a special gauge fort the backbone (medimouse), a trained physiotherapist looked at the movement together with the posture and movement harmony of  the backbone.

The human resources manager Daniel Hager is glad, that „the offer was honored very well“. The demand was even so high, that more appointments were added. Because of the success, more healthy days with different topics are planned in the future.

Apart from that, a new furnished „Kneipp-room“ with a „Kneipp-waterbath“ and an „arm-bath“ contributes to the workplace health management. The effect of the „Kneipp-water-administration“ is based on the strength of the self-healing power of the body through mild to strong stimuli. According to the „Kneipp-philosophy“, the body and the mind get revived by „kicking the water“ and the tiredness gets opposed. The „Kneipp-concept“ is known for its nature, to strengthen the healthiness or to prevent illnesses and thus to encourage the well-being to the staff.

My Coooky

New design of gluten-free pastry
My Coooky

Coppenrath’s popular gluten free products now present themselves in a new, modern and more emotional design. Due to highly positive feedback for the design of the “Sandwich-Coookys”, the name “Coooky” will now be used as brand name for the gluten free product range. Therefore the well known product line “Bewusst genießen” will now be marketed under the name “My Coooky”. This stands for “delicious cookies just for me!”. With this statement, Coppenrath highlights that the gluten free pastry is a real delight, not only for people with celiac disease or lactose intolerance.

As a longtime specialist in good pastries, Coppenrath also offers gluten-free fine pastries. By using high-quality special flours and special production know-how, the pastries are pleasantly crunchy and the taste is virtually indistinguishable from conventional goods.

Further information about the products

Coppenrath informs exporters in the Gulf region

Mitteilung zum Client Award: Radio-Spot der Woche
Coppenrath Feingebäck informs exporters in the Gulf region

For several years, the Gulf region and the North African countries present a growing market for German sweets. Therefore, in February 2014, Coppenrath Feingebäck from Geeste participated in two information events in Riyadth und Dubai. During the presentations, which were organized by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and the local Chambers of Commerce, several visitors from the region caught up on the quality of products “Made in Germany”. Among the attendees were also 15 customers from Coppenrath, who came from Yemen, Qatar and other countries. In the stylish atmosphere of the Burj al Arab and the Mariott Hotel in Riyadth, the company gave a lecture on the industries’ reaction towards current health trends and developments as well as its adaption to new eating habits. The focus was laid on the sugar free and gluten free cookies, which strongly gain in importance in Saudi Arabia.
After the presentation, there was time for networking during a delicious meal, in order to discuss the impressions, make new contacts and strengthen existing relationships.

Sustainability as company philosophy

Energy efficiency is a big issue at Coppenrath Feingebäck.
Energy efficiency at Coppenrath Feingebäck

When Albert Stegemann, member of the German parliament, visited Coppenrath Feingebäck in Geeste, the topic of energy efficiency was a big issue. 

During a tour through the production facilities, the politician and Mr. Norbert Verst, manager of the “Energy efficiency agency Emsland”, could have a look at the different measures that have been taken by Coppenrath to improve the energy efficiency. Apart from a new lighting system with LED lamps and motion sensors, investments in modern and energy saving facilities have been made.

According to managing director Andreas Coppenrath, environment protection and sustainability are important parts of the company philosophy. Therefore the commercial manager Yves-Rando Diek and the technical manager Christian Borker are currently implementing an energy management system.
At the end of his visit Stegemann confirms: “In your company, sustainability is key and the responsibility and connection to the region come before shareholder-value.”

Coppenrath in discussion with members of the German parliament

Andreas Coppenrath shows Gitta Connemann the new packaging that includes a practical reclosable lid and environmentally friendly paper molds.

In March of this year Andreas Coppenrath welcomed the members of the German parliament Gitta Connemann and Hans-Michael Goldmann to the Coppenrath family bakery. The purpose for the visit was to exchange ideas on the planned internet portal “Clarity and truth in Food Identification”.

Coppenrath voiced his concerns for the planned portal by referring to concrete examples; he took on the following position:

-         We explicitly support the implementation of a central platform for the protection of consumer health, a platform where consumers can gather information on products. Yet, the information must be factual and neutral and may not contain one-sided statements.

-        We are decidedly opposed to the product-related section of the planned internet portal, which is to contain a straightforward identification of products and manufacturers. In doing so, it offends against basic constitutional principles on account of the concomitant public debate on specific food items; e.g. it offends against the principle of power division. It is not for the federal government in conjunction with the Federal Association Consumer Centre (German: Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband {vzbv}) to go against intentional misleadings, but this is the task of food inspection and the judiciary.

-         In our view, the vzbv is not a neutral carrier and the Consumer Centre Hessen is not a suitable operator for the internet portal. The concern is that companies and their products will be named and shamed without any justification for doing so. The lack of scientifically warranted arguments can lead to false information and a misleading of the consumers.

-          The current design of the internet portal can, thus, also cause enormous damage to our company, which, at the end of the day, will harm our image, sales and employment opportunities.

-         A current example shows how quickly fatal damages can be incurred: Arbitrarily set limits for coumarin in Christmas pastries unsettle the consumer and force manufacturers to abandon traditional recipes. On account of this, products lose their special character and product diversity decreases.

-         Knowledge about food products may not be determined by individual lobbyists who have a biased and distorted ideology. Instead, a forum must be established in which consumers may find well-founded, neutral information that is comprehensible and relatable

-         Presently, there is already an effective legislation against misrepresentation and intentional misleadings for labeling and presenting food and for the field of advertising. There is no need for an internet portal that has this same purpose.

-         Instead, it should be the aim of the portal to promote a new awareness for the value of food products amongst consumers since, in the long term, only a fair price and a broad variety as well as high quality will secure our German food items.

Both members of the German Bundestag (English: parliament) expressed their willingness to address these points in the discussion with the BMELV.

9 x Gold for Coppenrath

Andreas Coppenrath receives the certificate “Price of the Best in Gold” (German: Preis der Besten in Gold) from Carl-Albrecht Bartmer, president of the DLG.

This year during the international quality control of the German agricultural society, DLG (German: Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft {DLG}), the family business Coppenrath from Groß Hesepe once again attained exceptional results.

Nine fine pastries, ranging from popular house pastries and traditional spritz pastries to other spekulatius variants, were awarded the prestigious golden DLG award. The gluten-free products were especially convincing on account of their taste; they received the golden DLG prize with the following comment:

""Congratulations on your exceptional products. The quality has convinced the experts in full.“

This award, given by an independent body, once again underlines the high quality of Coppenrath:

The family business, led by Andreas Coppenrath, is already producing fine pastries for six generations and sells them worldwide in over 50 countries. Choice ingredients, experienced professionals and gentle baking processes guarantee the highest palate pleasures for the consumer.

""To be actively and wholeheartedly involved, to honor the old and, at the same time, dare to try the new - this is our conviction, and it characterizes us as a family business; it distinguishes our company from many anonymous large-scale corporations," Andreas Coppenrath explained as he was deliberating on his successful strategy for the company.